Gran Trail Courmayeur 2021

Ninth edition of the trail running race on the Italian side of Mont Blanc

09 July 2021
The ninth edition of the Gran Trail Courmayeur takes place from 9 to 11 July 2021 in Courmayeur (IT).

Event includes three races:

  • GTC 100Km - 7900m D +
  • GTC 30km - 2000m D +
  • GTC 55Km - 3800m D +

The high-altitude paths with technical sections over stony ground and snowfields cut across trackless inclines and ridges; trails that are gruelling and extremely challenging, but rewarding with their views of granite peaks and the majestic Mont Blanc, where the effort and dedication it takes are well worth the incomparable sensations.

The races are run in a single stage at your own pace and speed, but for each distance, there is a limited time within which runners must cross the finish line. The maximum time for the Gran Trail Courmayeur 100km is 33 hours, 18 hours for the intermediate 55km and 8 hours for the shortest distance of 30km.

GTC100 is a qualifying race for the TORX®.

More information on the official website of the race.

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