Pitturina Ski Race 2018

A classic skimo competition between Italy and Austria

03 March 2018
The ninth edition of Pitturina Ski Race takes place on March 3 and 4 in the Carnic Alps.

The Pitturina Ski Race is a classic skimo race running between Italy and Austria, along the banks of Val Digon (Val Comelico, IT) and on the slopes of Cresta della Pitturina, a mountain that rises between Italy and Austria. The race is international and was a stage of the World Cup circuit in 2014.

This ninth edition will open on Saturday, March 3 in Padola ski resort (Comelico Superiore, Belluno), at 18, with an open VerticalRace. The proper Pitturina Ski Race will start on Sunday, at 9.30, in the village of Sega Digon (Comelico Superiore, Belluno). The race track, 2300 m D+ and 20 km long, is a true travel between two opposite sides of the mountain: Italian and Austrian. A time travel, back to the First World War on the occasion of the anniversary of the end of the conflict, and a space travel, from the hard snow of the dolomitic forest to the powdery, almost Canadian Style, of the wildest Austrian slopes.

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