Dynafit: Vertical 4 backpack Test

Dynafit Vertical 4 is the perfect backpack for vertical racing and racing at short distance

07 August 2017

Dynafit Vertical 4 is the perfect backpack for vertical racing and racing at short distance

Dynafit has long been internationally recognized for the reliability of its materials not only for ski mountaineering but also for trail running. In the vast range of products presented for alpine running and speed mountaineering, the snow leopard company offers footwear, clothing and various equipment.

Its structure has been designed to build a kind of second skin around the upper part of the torso. The adopted waistcoat gently embraces the runner, poses by giving it the comfort it needs to move easily, and allows it to be avoided, even in the fastest stages and in the trajectory of tracts on particularly discordant terrain with jumps, any rubbing and bother Which may come from shoulder straps.

It also contributes to the achievement of this choice by providing it with a particular fixing system adopted on the chest. The closure is in fact through the positioning of a plastic hook placed on an adjustable elastic band that is fixed at the crossings to the side eyelets. And it is able to adapt to the most different body sizes.

The design of this backpack, coupled with the choice made by Dynafit to use carefully selected fabrics, are the factors that have allowed us to judge the test of stability, but also the perspiration, no doubt positive at the end of our testing phase.

Given the type of model, intended for short runs and training, its volumetric capacity is modest and allows only selected objects to be transported. In fact, there are some gels and fingers, and two small soft flask to be placed in the dedicated pockets. However, the amount of fluid can increase by combining an extra camel bag.

Inside the backpack is a waterproof, zip-locked pocket, to be used to fit the phone, which in our opinion would have been more convenient to have larger dimensions.

The Vertical 4 also features a whistle and an effective fastening system with rods for sticks.

Its capacity is 4 liters, the weight is around 200 grams.

For more information: Dynafit

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