Dynastar: Vertical & Legend

Two new ranges, the return of a legendary family

23 November 2017
Dynastar introduces the Legend X range devoted entirely to the All-Mountain, and the Vertical Series designed exclusively for ski-alpinism.

Legend X is far more than a new range, but the return of a legendary family! Innovative skis, 100% dedicated to All-Mountain, able to concentrate all the experience of the Dynastar Factory Team. New Powerdrive technology, spool and tail rocker, 5D form for the six new models (75 to 106 mm in the ski center, in practice, depending on shape, from pure mountain to freeride) because skiers of every type can discover new feelings of control and fluidity on their favorite playing ground.

The Legend X 96 is a ski that meets any challenge. Sandwich structure in Paulonia + Titanal for lightness and power, new Powerdrive technology for an ever more live skiing and an even more fluid and homogeneous ride, regardless of the ground.

Legend X 88 is a pure Free All-Mountain model with all Dynastar genes, from freeride slopes. Sandwich with poplar core + Titanal for impeccable seal on the toughest slopes, new Powerdrive technology for total constancy on any snow.

The Legend line uses Powerdrive technology: a side/vertical ski insert made of three different materials: visco-elastic, Paulownia and abs wood. The visco-elastic component absorbs vibrations, Paulownia's wood improves energy transmission and the abs ensures proper contact with the snow.

For the female audience, Dynaastar flips the Legend W range: 5D-shaped spatula and tail rockers, advanced boot boots, lightweight structures, and profiles that are tailor-made to fit the morphology of the skiers.

Dynastar's newest Vertical range has been conceived for skialpinism, one of Sallanches' brand missions, which also brings the best race models, the Factory.

Comprised of three models: Eagle, Bear and Deer, this range of products is a synthesis of Dynastar's experience in lightening the structure of the skis so as not to bring in even more than a gram.

Vertical Eagle, with a 87 mm ski center, represents the perfect balance in the mountains. These skis, made of Paulownia wood and with an extremely light foam (Dynastar Cell), never exceed the kilo of weight and are among the lightest on the market. The use of the Carbon Ply is a true innovation in the way carbon is integrated into the ski structure and allows it to decrease its weight by 25%.

The Vertical line achieves the perfect balance between strength and responsiveness, performance and lightness, thus enhancing the comfort of uphill skiers, while at the same time offering superior downhill performance. Vertical Bear has a center of 80 mm, while Vertical Deer is 85.

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