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26 February 2018
Founded in 1924, the Austrian company is known for its continuous search for innovation and latest-generation technologies, at ISPO FISCHER presented the novelties for the 2018/2019 season

Freeride FISCHER RANGER FREE 130 boot.

Any terrain, in any condition, all faced with the same boot. This is the promise of the new Fischer Ranger Free, a particularly lightweight freeride model: stable and with excellent downhill performance, but with a construction that ensures comfort and ease of use during ski mountaineering.

The Hike-Ski lever integrated in the boot leg allows an easy transition from the ascent mode to the descent mode, during which the whole flex index 130 comes into action. The 99 mm plant (size 26.5) and the carbon-reinforced Grilamid hull they guarantee a snug fit and a feeling of security at any speed, even on beaten tracks, as well as in the most extreme powder.
Switching to walk mode the Ranger Free will be an excellent ski mountaineer, the leg offers a good hike for a simple and natural walk. In conjunction with rocky or icy slopes, the Vibram sole with integrated GripWalk system will guarantee front and side traction. The boot is equipped with Dynafit inserts.

The minimal design of this boot has allowed to contain the weight in 1,540 grams. Even the preformed Active Fit Zone shoe offers a minimalist, yet comfortable fit, and can be thermoformed to best fit the foot of the skier, ensuring a perfect fit.

Ski FISCHER TRANSALP 90: maximum stability, minimum weight.

The mountains offer skiers unlimited possibilities, and to fully enjoy the adventures that snow reserves, we need a reliable equipment, able to offer what it promises, even in the most demanding conditions. This is the case of the Transalp 90 Carbon, the Fischer ski that ensures maximum stability with minimum weight, to guarantee the skier optimal performance in every situation.

Its innovative Carbon Tex laminate combines the rigidity of two Fischer technologies borrowed from competition models in a single ski: Diagotex and Carbon Stringers. While maintaining the same weight, these elements make the Transalp 90 ski more resistant and drastically reduce vibrations, so as to more easily tackle the most demanding and high speed descents.

Fischer has managed to maintain a weight of 1,230 grams thanks to the use of a lightweight and high quality Paulownia wood core, but also to the Aeroshape design and the use of a special Air Tec milling, to offer maximum efficiency and less waste. energetic in the phases of ascent, without compromises in descent.

Ski FISCHER RC4 THE CURV GT: search for the perfect curve.

What happens when three legends of the white circus offer their experience for the creation of a ski inspired by the models used in the World Cup races, but perfectly skiable on the track?
This is how the former Italian descent Kristian Ghedina, Swiss gigantist Mike von Grüningen and the multi-faceted Austrian Hans Knauss contributed to the birth of the RC4 THE CURV line. Fischer reconfirms the latest son of the THE CURV family with an updated design: the RC4 THE CURV GT. A model of racing extraction, but designed for use on the track, dedicated to a qualified and high-level public, who wants to conduct perfect curves on hard and demanding tracks.

The new model of the Curv family is characterized by a more generous width under the foot, 80 mm, which offers a greater guarantee in terms of stability. The Diagotex carbon laminate structure ensures perfect torsional rigidity, while the Triple Radius construction accompanies the skier during all the cornering phases. Yellow World Cup insole with reinforced edges that protect the ski from overheating due to heat build-up.

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