LA SPORTIVA trail running shoe CROSSOVER 2.0 GTX


27 February 2017
Everywhere, with the LA SPORTIVA trail running shoe CROSSOVER 2.0 GTX.

Pick up a pair of shoes, boots or shoes La Sportiva is always a pleasant moment is how to lower the handle of a door that we know will open up a world of opportunity, full of fun and action. Sometimes this moment is even more exciting and full of promise, as in the case of our meeting with the trail running shoe Crossover 2.0 GTX. The immediate impression was to be confronted with an important model, structured, that makes you want to prove themselves in difficult terrain. And, not least, with a fairly aggressive appearance but aesthetically attractive, with different colors for men's and women's sizes.

So we happily agreed to try them on the field: our tests were carried out in mountainous areas of Veneto region and in the Prealpi of Lombardy.

The fit is fast despite the presence of the external gaiter, with the closure that is carried through in a traditional way strings. The activation of the gaiter functionality, water-repellent elastic tissue, is immediate. It closes by means of a transverse zip which runs along the back of the foot (which is also capable of maintaining the water and snow outside), and is blocked at the top by a closure with elastic that seems to prevent the snow from penetrating , and it is an impression that is pleasant confirmation dipping your foot in pure white coat. The Gore-Tex® performs its job well. The first sensation that warns the foot is that of bandage and protection. Our perception of a slight stiffness has vanished in a short time from the early stages of the race, both in the use long flat sections, both in the course of the upward sections of more pronounced gradients. Becomes more and more, in the year of the race, the experience of control over the shoe, with the confidence that grows getting adequate answers in terms of accuracy in the position on the most different supports and at various speeds, even in phases of rapid descent.

We have been impressed impressed by the feeling of always being able to count, in the relationship between the foot and the shoe, on a great response reliability. Help to achieve this midsole combination MEMlex EVA injection with the insert anti-torsion stabilizer, a drop of 10 mm, and the use of OrthoLite insole, which boasts a significant break.

Another strong point is the sole, whose black and yellow colours recalls that of the company in Ziano di Fiemme. The tread is provided with the Impact Brake System, which reduces the impact force exerted by the foot on the body in the stance phase, and at the same time increases the traction capacity on uphill terrain. The choice of FriXion AT mixes offers morbidity, lightness and good durability, naturally on land not asphalted that this shoe is not addressed. Its characteristics make it less suitable for use on extremely fast and short routes.

Despite the appearance of structured and additional protective equipment on the weight of Crossover 2.0 GTX it is not excessive, standing with its 740 grams per pair, for those who wear the number 42, among those of the Ultra Raptor models (700 grams) and Ultra Raptor GTX (820 grams).

In conclusion, the overall impression that we have obtained is that of a hot shoe, protective, reliable, perfectly able to give adequate answers to travel necessities that require the most difficult terrain in the winter season, in low-temperature conditions, and the presence of mud, slippery rocks and snow. The attachment to the tread ground, soil conditions with hard snow or ice, can be further increased through the use of nails AT Grip, or with the classic crampons.

La Sportiva Crossover 2.0 GTX are therefore a suitable instrument to support optimally racing, training and racing banner of safe fun. But you can choose to use them for a walk and to wear them with snowshoes.

In the course of our tests drawing of tessellation did not allow the mud to stick. We read every time this too as a sort of invitation to distribute, to address safe paths and the particular environmental contexts of the winter season, which are for trail runners, with this shoe, apparently repulsive.

In the winter season 2017/2018 will be available on the new model Hurricane GTX, evolution of the model Crossover GTX 2.0.

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