Mammut: Barryvox® S

The new Mammut avalanche devices are the result of over 45 years of experience and development.

20 November 2017
Since its launch, Barryvox® has been one of the most reliable artviews. Today it boasts over forty-five years of experience and is still developed and produced in Switzerland.

Mammut for the winter season 2017/18, on the reputation of all previous models, has a new generation of devices: Barryvox® S and Barryvox®, a strong point for these new ARTVA devices that are on the market are: use and high performance especially in terms of flow.

The new Barryvox® S is not only one of the best ARTVAs in the market when it comes to receiving field and width of the search corridor, but it also excels through a very intuitive user interface and in line with the needs of the current world. However, it is good to remember the need to repeat exercises regularly for any user, because you can fully benefit from the potential of a similar device only if recurring usage tests have been made. It is clear that the performance and intuitive user interface of Barryvox® S can save crucial time, especially in particularly stressful emergency situations, but this does not fully cover the baggage of knowledge that needs to be in extreme situations, as in the case of Avalanche.

The user interface has been fully revised to make the device even simpler and more intuitive, and therefore even safer. The high performance of a device can only be expressed if the user is able to access his features quickly and securely.
That's why Mammut has completely revised the Barryvox User Interface. With a backlit, easy-to-read display, keys that can be operated with shock-resistant gloves, intuitive menus and acoustic guitars, the Barryvox demonstrates that you can have great performance even without being too complex. Only an easy-to-use transceiver can save life when it comes to an emergency situation.

When evaluating the performance of an ARTVA, a particular parameter is the width of the search corridor. Mammut aspires to maximum performance, because time-saving performances substantially increase the likelihood of salvation. With a 70 m search width (in digital mode) and a reliable reception range of up to 70 m, the Barryvox S is positioned among the world's first transceivers. Large circular reception fields ensure that buried transmitters can be identified quickly, enabling wide search corridors and consequently short search paths, greatly facilitating the search phase with significant time savings.

The classic avalanche scenario describes a victim and one or more rescuers. However, this is not always the case. Only in Switzerland about 40% of the avalanche accidents are characterized by multiple burials, which makes search much more challenging and stressful. Devices without a marking function can inadvertently send the rescuer back and forth between two victims, wasting valuable time and consequently lowering the chances of survival of the overwhelmed. Thanks to the marking function, a rescuer can easily solve all cases of multiple burials, as soon as the first transgressed person has been localized and encoded, the Barryvox. S continues to lead the rescuer directly to the next, while his collaborators release the former.
With this feature, rescuers are able to better manage rescue operations and maintain a general overview of complex accidents.

The BarryMount is Velcro Case for Barryvox® S and Barryvox® Transceivers. It is lightweight, easily adjustable and can be opened and closed with one hand and gloves. The SafeLock mechanism prevents accidental activation, which further increases user safety during shifts. The BarryMount also protects the display from mechanical damage, both during a tour and during transport. At the end of the season the BarryMount can be easily washed in a washing machine at 30 ° C.

The wide and clear display is easy to read in all weather conditions and, just like the casing of the device, shock-resistant and breakage. In dim light conditions, the backlight of the display turns on automatically. In full sun the details are visible even if the user wears polarized sunglasses. Thanks to its ergonomic shape, the transceiver can also be used with gloves. The main switch is equipped with a SafeLock function that prevents accidental switching from SEND search modes. With the slider on the side of the device, the user can easily switch between the various menus.

Thanks to an acoustic guidance system, rescuers can keep their eyes on the avalanche site. The visual interface of the device provides distance, direction and number of overwhelmed information, which can then be managed by the particular list on the display. Intelligent intelligence interacts with rescuer actions, making search simpler and more reliable. With automatic steering function, the device can guide rescuers to victims even when there is a loss or overlapping of signals. If the device's motion sensors do not record any movement by the rescuer for four minutes, SEND mode will automatically activate, if the rescuer can be switched off by a secondary avalanche.

Once switched on, the device automatically performs self-checking, checks the frequency, and controls the main features in less than two seconds. The group test can be started at the touch of a button and comes with a clear instruction set.

Even at -10 ° C, the device has 300 hours of autonomy in SEND mode, followed by 1 hour of SEARCH mode. The software can be upgraded and the W-Link capability allows you to manage a fleet of devices. The device can also use lithium batteries that respond better to low temperatures.

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