Nitro: Capital Boot

Nitro and Vibram present the first snow boot with the Vibram Arctic Grip technology

24 October 2018
Born from the collaboration with Nitro, Capital Boot is the only model equipped with technology that optimizes grip on wet ice.

Vibram Arctic Grip is the most advanced all-rubber technology in terms of grip on ice, especially on wet ice.

Vibram Arctic Grip is able to increase grip performance on wet ice surfaces without the need to insert metal inserts, such as nails, into the sole, but using a special combination of Vibram tires. The design of these soles presents specific blocks made with Vibram Arctic Grip technology, arranged along the areas of greatest contact with the ground in order to facilitate adhesion on wet ice, in combination with blocks made of a different Vibram compound, to emphasize the grip and traction properties even on other types of terrain.

Nitro then presents the brand new Capital Boot, a snowboard boot with superior performance especially in terms of grip, fit and performance. Capital Boot is equipped with a Vibram Arctic Grip sole and Vibram Ice trek compound, designed exclusively for Nitro, which allows a safer walk

The technology, in fact, is present on large blocks placed both in the forefoot and heel area. The specific shape of the blocks is designed to offer 360 ° traction. The boot is adjustable to three different levels, is equipped with internal support for the ankle and reinforcement on the tongue for a customized fit. The internal ankle support distributes the pressure of the lacing system evenly, providing the right mix of pressure and support for maximum comfort.

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