With its new line of backpacks BLUE ICE meets the need to reconcile the needs of skiers and mountaineers

28 January 2019
Released in autumn 2019, the new KUME and YAGI backpacks remain faithful to the minimalist spirit of BLUE ICE, attempting to redefine how a ski mountaineering backpack should be.

KUME and YAGI are both light and well equipped, maintaining a high durability. Also designed to be versatile, the two models feature indispensable technologies for skiing and mountaineering.

"The intent of BLUE ICE has always been to design materials designed by skiers and mountaineers, which we dream of using - comments Gioanni Rossi, founder and president of the company - simple and intelligent products rigorously tested in the field by our team of ambassadors and alpine guides".

KUME and YAGI therefore seem to reflect in all respects the model of how a good ski mountaineering backpack should be according to the BLUE ICE philosophy.


Inspired by alpine minimalism and modeled by focusing on the center of gravity of the skier, KUME is light, functional and with attention to detail. Presented with two volume sizes, 30 and 38 liters, the aesthetics is undoubtedly minimalist.
Equipped with industry standard features: a front safety pocket for avalanches, a helmet holder and ice axes. Two features that distinguish the model are the separate compartment for the rope, which allows the achievement and the fast and accurate use of the latter, and a self-locking side zip to prevent other tools from falling off the backpack when the rope is in use.


The 25 liter YAGI is all you need when the backcountry days call you and you do not want a heavy backpack to slow you down.
Equipped with a huge front opening, thanks to YAGI you will not waste time ravanando in your backpack in an attempt to find what you need. The backpack is equipped with a helmet holder and a pocket dedicated to protective glasses.

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