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10 April 2020
Not a simple accessory but an indispensable adventure companion, the backpack must first of all be comfortable and functional. His choice, however, is very personal, especially when it comes to trail running.

What should your ideal trail backpack look like?
Minimal but with some options, light but that distributes the weight well, capacious but with a volume under 10 liters, and that is fine even for the ultra while we are there.
When running, every lack of comfort and practicality weighs (literally) on the shoulders of the trailers, so it is natural to demand only the best for your personal equipment.
And you, what privileged features, when you are looking for a new backpack?
By choosing the CAMP Trail Force line, you will easily find many of your strengths in a single product.
Before analyzing the Trail Force 10 model, object of our review, I consider it useful to briefly explain the main parameters to be taken into consideration when considering the purchase of a new backpack.
Average duration of your trails. Obviously, the more hours our activity lasts, the greater the capacity (expressed in liters) of our backpack must be. At the extremes of a very long range of products we find the 2-3 liter trail vest up to the well structured 15-18 liter, the latter designed for endurance trails. For the same number of hours (better to talk about time rather than kilometers) the runner's experience and speed greatly influence the size of the backpack.
Weather conditions. Do you run in the summer or even in the winter season? Are you heading back to the first signs of bad weather or is there no storm that can stop you? If you participate in ultra events, spread over a whole day or over several days, you must of course be prepared for the ever changing conditions of the mountain.
Material to have with you. A backpack containing all the necessary equipment (including the mandatory equipment for ultra-trails, which is no small matter) is the first step to guarantee personal safety. Once prepared and put on the shoulder, it must transmit a feeling of stability, moreover the pockets containing our objects must be easily accessible.
After trying Trail Force 10, I firmly believe that CAMP has fully hit the mark in the world of trail and ultra trail backpacks. Functionality and comfort are the keywords of this model which has been designed for medium, long and very long competitions - the distance varies according to your experience. The fabric is elastic and breathable, as light as a few-liter trail vest but with the structure of a more "important" backpack. The water-repellent treatment to which it has been subjected also guarantees super-rapid drying. The lightness is compensated by the wide and very soft shoulder straps, which you will appreciate without having to run for many hours.
You will be surprised by the versatility of the rear compartment, which in turn has an internal pocket, capable of containing all the material you will need for medium and long distances, without sacrificing anything.
There is also a rear pouch pocket, easily accessible even during the race, very elastic and tight, able to contain a rain / windproof softshell shell, gloves and neck warmer if necessary, thus avoiding boring backpack changes when weather conditions change. A simple but very smart pocket, which allows us to leave the accessories in the back, leaving us free to fill the two front pockets (those at the height of the bottle holders) exclusively with food, gel or other small objects to be used more frequently.
As for the water reserves, like any self-respecting ultra backpack, there is a predisposition for the hydrobag, as well as the two classic bottle pockets on the shoulder straps, the latter compatible with the Camp 300 ml and 600 ml soft-flash.
We close our analysis with the latest advantage of the Trail Force line, or the excellent stability provided by the precise cordlock lacing system. On the front the system is composed of meticulously adjustable elastic cords, just a few minutes of practice to find it fast and intuitive.
The most surprising adjustment is found on the side, however, always equipped with elastic cords. At first glance it might seem laborious, but even here a first adjustment is enough to obtain more stability and a general feeling of little bulk. The backpack squeezes well on the sides, adhering to the torso of the trailer and following it in all its movements. If well regulated, you will have great satisfaction even on the most technical mountain routes.
Compatible with pole holders, the model is sold in two sizes: S (height 150-175 cm) and L (height 175-195 cm).

Camp Trail Force 10: light, breathable, with large pockets where everything is always at hand, for trails from a few hours to a hundred miles and beyond. Don't miss it, you won't easily find another backpack so versatile.
Claudio Regazzoni

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