Ferrino: FULL SAFE 30+5

FULL SAFE from Ferrino Safe Collection is the only backpack equipped with 3 safety devices in the event of an avalanche

22 February 2019
Alpride E1 airbag, Air Safe respirator, RECCO system.

The new entry of the Ferrino Safe Collection, the FULL SAFE 30 + 5 backpack, integrates in one product the best technologies for winter mountain safety: the new Alpride E1 Airbag system, which features an all-electric assembly unit , is integrated both by the AIR SAFE respirator and the RECCO reflector.

Precisely because of this unique feature on the market, the Wilderness Medical Society recommends its use. In fact, in the latest Guidelines published in the journal Wilderness and Environmental Medicine for the prevention and management of avalanche accidents, he writes: "The potential benefit of tandem could be used as a complement to other aspects of avalanche survival".

But what are the peculiarities that differentiate the Ferrino backpack from the rest of the proposals on the market?

In combination with the mandatory safety systems, A.R.T.VA, shovel, probe, etc., the presence of the 3 additional safety devices increases the probability of survival in the event of an avalanche.

  • AIR SAFE allows breathing in case of burial.
  • The AIR BAG prevents trauma and allows floating on the snow if overwhelmed by avalanche.
  • RECCO Reflector increases the chances of being tracked in case of an accident.

In particular, the fully electric inflation system, compared to the traditional one, guarantees performance between -30 ° and + 50 ° temperature. It can be easily recharged, inflated quickly and without the need for cartridges, it can be inflated as many times as you want without additional costs.

This, in addition to giving the opportunity to try the product, allows you to be able to inflate several times even in the same output. Moreover, being a passive electrical device like a camera, it is transportable by air without restrictions.

Dr. Federico Prato, Resuscitator of the Mountain Medicine Center of Aosta, on the level of safety reached by those who choose to use the FULL SAFE states: "With the correct use of Ferrino's Air Pocket Device (the Air Safe ed) counteracts the asphyxia, which causes more than 75% of avalanche deaths, allowing the overwhelmed to keep the airways open and breathe under the snow cover for times even higher than the hour, hindering the re-breathing of the carbon dioxide, giving adequate time to rescuers to intervene".

Result of more than 7 years of research in the avalanche field, FULL SAFE was the Device chosen by the Eurac Research Institute of Bolzano and the Valle d'Aosta Mountain Medicine Center for a study on the pathophysiology of the avalanche swept performed in collaboration with the Department of Biomedical Sciences of the University of Padua and with the Institute of Bioimaging and Molecular Physiology of the CNR of Milan.

From this season is also available a version of the backpack specifically designed for Alpine Rescue Professionals, able to accommodate the technical-sanitary equipment necessary for avalanche operations, configuring itself as a real Individual Protection Device.


  • Weight: 3.2 kg
  • Dimensions: 53 x 30 x 27 cm
  • Approval: Certified according to EN16716: 2017
  • Volume Air Bag: 150 l, inflation in 3 sec
  • Transportation: without restrictions, even by air
  • Fabric: Double Nylon Cordura® with reinforcements in Reinforced Laminated Fabric
  • Pockets: Front pocket with slots for material designed for the transport of technical material (ax, crampons, carabiners) and self-rescue (shovel and probe) extensible (+5 lt)
  • Double security
  • On waist band
  • Mask pocket
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