Ferrino: X-Rush Vest

Test of the ultralight trail running backpack from FERRINO

10 June 2019
The new Ferrino X-RUSH is the backpack that will allow you to lighten your load during outings, without sacrificing practicality.

The Ferrino designers have put into the field design and technologies acquired through the realization of other successful models (for example the X-Track) to build the new X-Rush Vest backpack.

Lightness is the factor that is discovered immediately when you take this model in your hands for the first time. The weight of 280 grams is a strong point, but it is not achieved by removing compartments or accessories, but by intervening with appropriate design and fabric strategies (the 50D Dot Dobby Ripstop Nylon) to have all the pockets necessary to make use of it effective and comfortable with its 5 liters of capacity.

Also the choice to use reticular fabrics for the dorsal part and on the belt allows to reduce the overall weight, and at the same time favors a good transpiration capacity, which proves to be less effective in the more intense long-term uses. The inner fabric uses a different mesh than the one chosen for the shoulder straps and for the back, with larger mesh in contact with the areas of the bust subject to more intense sweating.

The X-Rush Vest is snug like a vest: the lateral sides are fixed, but the optimal fit can be obtained through the possibility of choosing between the three different sizes available: S, M, L.

The larger housing (not equipped with a zip) allows the insertion of a 1.5 liter water bag, but alternatively there is a bottle holder on both shoulder straps, and soft pockets can also be used with soft pockets .

The breakdown of the slots, which allows to give an adequate response to the need to insert all the mandatory materials for medium distance races to which this backpack meets its general characteristics, is completed with side spaces on the net and also on the two shoulder straps. Of these, both with vertical zip closure, the left one is constructed with ripstop material, and the right one is equipped with a whistle.

The X-Rush Vest is closed on the chest by adjusting two straps with a hooked plastic hook, with stretch fabric that simplifies the operation. In the rear part the transport of the sticks is favored thanks to the presence of elastic strings to block them.

The backpack is also equipped with small slots for attaching other material, and useful bands with reflective logos to ensure visibility to the runner in conditions of darkness or low light for training or competitions in the evening or night.

Lightness, subdivision of spaces and wearability are the strengths of this Ferrino model.

Technical details

  • Fabric: 50D Dot Dobby Ripstop Nylon (Reinforced Laminated Fabric Reinforcement)
  • Reticular fabric: back, shoulder straps and belt
  • Pockets: extendable front compartment; wide mesh front; two bottle cages on the shoulder straps; on mesh and fabric shoulder straps; mesh side panels
  • Accessories: two pole holders; chest strap with emergency whistle; compatible with the H2 Bag hydration system; reflective bands and logos; rear loop for safety light; front slots for materials.
  • Weight: 270g
  • Capacity: 5 liters

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