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Date alle Blizzard Gtx la possibilità di sorprendervi e non potrete più farne a meno

21 January 2020
Give the Blizzard Gtx the chance to surprise you and you can no longer do without it.

How many times, during your winter and spring trails, have you admired the highest areas of the mountains, covered by an inviting snow cover, and have you wished you could run there in all agility?

If you love winter running and want to experience mountain running even in winter, give the Blizzard Gtx the chance to surprise you and you can no longer do without it.

The new model of the historic Val di Fiemme company has been specially designed to not fear the most of difficult winter terrain, "designed for extreme use on icy and highly slippery terrain" (as stated on the official website).

The differences from a "classic" trail shoe are certainly noticeable at a glance. From the collar rises a decidedly enveloping elastic gaiter, even for the thinnest ankles, which protects the inside of the shoe from the entry of snow and other annoying debris. The lacing system is integrated directly on the upper through a cross support system that provides, once the laces are tightened, greater protection and wrapping. There is also a convenient retractable pocket where you can arrange the strings once knotted.

The gore-tex membrane covers the upper ensuring a dry and warm foot even after several hours of off-road session. The midsole, rigorously in injection-molded EVA material, is particularly high (3 cm) and rigid, both excellent characteristics that guarantee maximum protection, stability and cushioning, especially on snowy and frozen terrains. Do not be fooled by the rigidity that, shoe in hand, will seem excessive: the tests that follow will deny this first impression.

Finally we come to the sole, the real revelation of the Blizzard Gtx. It is right under your feet that the secrets for a perfect winter trail are hidden. The deep 7 mm dowels and the 9 AT Grip Fixed Spikes nails integrated in the tread offer maximum traction on slippery winter surfaces, for unmatched speed and agility during the race. The sole is Vibram Friction Blue, the longest lasting Vibram compound, ideal for road and trail running activities.

Say goodbye to changes in attitude with micro-crampons, once you wear these shoes you will be in place for the duration of your adventure that starts from the asphalt, continues along the paths and culminates at the highest altitudes dominated by snow and ice.

Let's move on to the off-road tests. The Blizzards have been tested in the Orobie Prealps, precisely at the Valgoglio Lakes, in the Taleggio Valley, in the Valle del Riso and on the steep slopes of Mount Resegone. In addition, a test was carried out at the Passo del Tonale, between Lombardy and Trentino.

After a first difficulty with the fit (the gaiter does not help the insertion of the foot) the first sensation will be that of having the feet bandaged and well protected. Although the shoe wraps very well, there is ample space for the forefoot, which in fact makes them comfortable and comfortable. This is one of the many features that make Blizzard the ideal companion for long training and winter trail competitions.

The sensations of heaviness and rigidity disappear immediately, thanks to the front of the upper which is very flexible and free of support elements. From the first few kilometers one realizes how agile this shoe can be even on dry terrains.

What is most surprising is the incredible traction on snowy terrain. It will be a real joy to have complete control of the race both uphill and downhill, without losing ground during braking or when you want to push with the forefoot right where the ground will be more slippery. A special mention goes to the gore-tex membrane and the elastic gaiter that will actually make you spend a very pleasant day on the snow with warm and dry feet.

Incredible the feeling of safety even on the steepest slopes, where thanks to the integrated nails the Blizzard have given excellent results. On the steepest frozen terrains, the 9 nails seem not to be sufficient to guarantee good safety: in these cases, some additional nails would certainly not have hurt.

Summing up, who is La Sportiva Blizzard Gtx aimed at? Anyone looking for performance in winter trails, finding in the snow and ice not uncomfortable inconveniences but a fun and stimulating playground. They are ideal for long runs, but also for shorter sessions where conditions become extreme and therefore the need arises to equip yourself with safe and reliable material.

The higher price than a usual trail shoe should not worry, as comfort, safety and high performance are fully worth the extra cost - without considering the "savings" on 

the trail crampon, also not cheap. The model also, thanks to the Vibram Friction Blue sole and its robust construction, is truly designed to last over time - you will notice how the sole will hardly wear out, even if used on asphalt. Hard to think that these shoes can last less than two winter seasons.

The experience of a winter trail has never been so pleasant and rewarding. Get ready to bite the ice and freely climb your favorite mountains even in winter.

Technical data

  • Upper: Single water repellent abrasion resistant mesh + Sock-Shield Gaiter ™ + Fusion Gate Technology
  • Lining: Gore® Flex Construction
  • Midsole: Eva with shock-absorbing injection with anti-torsion insert
  • Sole: Fitted FriXion® Blue compound with integrated AT Grip Fixed Spikes nails
  • Footbed: Ortholite® Mountain Running Ergonomic 4 mm
  • Weight: 370 g (1/2 pair)
  • Measurements: 36 - 47.5 (+ 1/2)
  • Drop: 6 mm

Claudio Regazzoni

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