La Sportiva: Trail Vest

Test of the mountain running backpack proposed by La Sportiva

16 March 2020
Tail Vest by La Sportiva is the backpack designed to obtain maximum space without losing practicality

The La Sportiva Trail Vest is a backpack that can be used for long-lasting mountain running workouts in complete autonomy, and also in ultratrail competitions where the mandatory material required requires the runner to have a support of adequate volume.

Overall, there are five pockets on each shoulder strap of the backpack, made up of a light mesh fabric for most surfaces. The highest pocket is very small in size and has no zipper, while below there is a housing for the soft flask and half-liter rigid bottles, with the addition of a small plastic fixing hook for the left shoulder strap.

In an even lower position the backpack offers a large pocket closed by a zipper (the one on the right is preferably accessed with the left hand and vice versa) and another pocket open on the side that is not immediately accessible. There are also adjustment straps on the shoulder straps and on the side pocket.

The closure on the chest was immediately appreciated for its simplicity and speed of use, and is achieved with the positioning of the elastic cord in the three open clips. The use of the two pressure hooks on the right shoulder strap allows the closure of the top and bottom to be completed effectively, to meet the fundamental need for each runner to stabilize the backpack even when the materials transported are bulky and heavy, but also when proceeding quickly downhill and jumps.

The silicone band in contact with the lower back contributes to the fastening, which is completed on the opposite side with an easily adjustable thin ventral belt.

On the back there are two large pockets: one with a zipper and a double slider for the upper and lateral right access which conveniently goes up to the lower part of the backpack, and the other smaller waterproof (to be used for example for documents and for the smartphone) with access on the left side.

The use during the test for a whole day confirmed the excellent level of perspiration found during shorter trips.

The features of the La Sportiva Trail Vest backpack, available in two sizes, are completed with a small whistle attached to the shoulder strap, and with an external elastic cord that favors compression of the load when not used at full volume.

Technical data

  • Materials: Nylon, Air mesh, Stretch Mesh, YKK zippers.
  • Volume: 11 liters
  • Weight: 290 grams
  • Available sizes: S / M, M / L

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