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13 January 2017
Challenge to wool, and challenge old assumptions.
We have taken up this challenge by testing two products on the field for the running of Reda Rewoolution.
The Italian brand based in Biella offers fans of outdoor sports experience ultrasecolare in wool processing. The origin of the material is in New Zealand on the other side of the world, fascinating place and, how Italy, rich in spaces still available to build new adventures in the different dimensions of the natural environment running, climbing, skiing, and mountain biking. In this place they breed sheep that provide the raw material to be processed at the Biella factory.
The collection challenge was to try in strenuous activity, in our case once a workout long trail running and once an exit of winter hiking in the mountains, two layer base in pure Merino wool, with the memory of long standing that wool pricking the skin.
In fact wear the shirt with Castor zip and leggings Alamak immediately gave us a surprising and pleasant sensation of softness.
After wearing the fibers which have ensured that perception have also proved functional in the course of conducting the activities of both the race is on foot, and can maintain a high level of breathability.
Even the fabric drying speed on the skin has shown high, and allowed us in this way to avoid that annoying perception of wet that, with other heads and due to the sweating, it often happens to try, with and without wearing the backpack .
The choice of the Italian brand to build a natural Merino wool collection, and the technological processes used to build the leaders, have allowed for our experience to meet the technical requirements which puts their use as part of outdoor sports.
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