Scarpa: Spin RS

Test of the model of the Alpine Running collection designed to be fast and competitive over ultra distances

13 March 2019
The test on the Spin RS, the top model for the medium-long distances from the Scarpa company, has satisfied and in some respects also exceeded our expectations.

Referring to the Spin, the skyrace and vertical monster that for several years has worn at the feet of many champions, we expected a model that could keep a good part of its speed and aggressiveness, but at the same time that it was able to offer that comfort that only the most robust and cushioned shoes can transmit, thus allowing much longer distances to be covered.

Speed ​​and comfort, responsiveness and cushioning, two apparently different expectations, but which can be found very well in the Spin RS.

In fact, this shoe is not a transposition of the classic Spin into the ultra world, but it is a completely revised model and specifically designed to deal in a completely different way with what the Asolo company defines as alpine running.

Let's start with the fit, the first comfortable sensation, with the upper that leaves ample space for the forefoot but at the same time perfectly wraps the midfoot, thanks to an effective lacing system with tapes that wraps without being too constricting. The collar and the shell offer the right comfort for a shoe that is split between lightness and protection. The tongue is perhaps a bit thin but we would like to point out that once the strings are fastened and set in motion, this feature has not influenced the quality of our race even over long distances. We also report the presence of a second more protective sole in the box.

Let's now move on to the sensations during the race.
A light shoe, with a decidedly reduced weight for a model designed for medium-long distances (265g for a 42 ½ size) guarantees good speed and gait, sometimes even inviting you to push in the race.

The competitions are the goal of the Spin RS and this is confirmed by the excellent responsiveness on different types of terrain. The volumes are really reduced and allow changes of direction and other rapid maneuvers with extreme agility.

In our opinion, there is a slight flaw on muddy bottoms (also thanks to tiling) but you will be surprised by the formidable grip that shows on all the other types of terrain, be they soft or rocky, the latter even wet. Not by chance the sole is Vibram Megagrip, the most piercing compound from Vibram for trail running. The tread is proposed here with Litebase construction to reduce weight and with an ideal tessellation to provide the best possible stability. The excellent lacing and the good sensations to the fit repay in accuracy, even on the most technical soils of skyrunning.

Performance and responsiveness are not penalized by the cushioning (ensured by a double interpola in Eva) and by the drop (8 mm) which are instead those typical of ultra distances, guaranteeing protection and comfort during the entire duration of the race. The good caution will make you devour meters and meters of altitude, cushioning the impacts during the downhill run.

It is precisely for these reasons that the Spin RS is one of the most versatile and versatile models, suitable for long and short tracks, from skyraces to ultra trails, bearing in mind that mileage is directly proportional to the runner's experience.

Are you ready for the challenges of this season? The Spin RSs will be able to accompany you on any type of off-road terrain: don't be caught unprepared and go out to train as soon as possible!

Technical features:

  • Upper: Fabric + Film
  • Lining: Stretch Textile
  • Sole: VELOX LBT
  • Sizes: 36 - 48 (with ½ sizes)
  • Weight: 265g (½ pair size 42)
  • Drop: 8mm

Claudio Regazzoni

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