Vibram Five Fingers: V-Trail 2.0

Test: new perspectives in the world of running and hiking by FiveFingers

16 July 2019
Available for outdoor enthusiasts a new Vibram FiveFingers model dedicated to walking and running.

The new minimalist shoe is called V-Trail 2.0, and has taken over and improved the previous V-Trail model, already tested by Up-Climbing last year. FiveFingers gives contact with the ground, new perceptions on the part of the foot, immediate dialogue between joints and different land morphologies, for the benefit of a new (or regained) sensitivity, which surprises and opens up unusual horizons in the outdoor activities of hiking and running, to be tackled lightly.

In fact, these particular shoes express their function by landing gently and without producing too long strides.

Vibram transfers its background gained in over 80 years of soles design and construction to FiveFingers (we find them used on many mountaineering shoes and boots, hiking, approach and trail running), but also the possibility of perceiving sensations that no other footwear is able to transmit.

To promote full satisfaction on the part of new or habitual users, and the optimization of the dialogue between the support of the foot and the ground, it is necessary that the footwear has adequate protection from the hard or sharp objects that meet on paths that are they perform in a natural environment, such as stones, wood or roots. This function is carried out in the V-Trail 2.0 model by the 3D Cocoon mesh: this three-dimensional mesh is present fused in the rubber sole and dissipates the energy of the impact with the asperities.

The increase in the level of proprioception is achieved in combination with the use of the 3.7 mm Megagrip sole compound, which offers a more than satisfactory level of grip both on wet and dry ground. In the course of our tests we have trodden paths with earthy bottoms and rocky surfaces with a similar positive feeling of stability. The feeling you get when crossing meadows and areas with grassy ground is beautiful, where the grip on the wet grass is a little less effective.

Being regular users of FiveFingers, our tests started with a discrete knowledge of the potential of this shoe, already appreciated in the previous V-Trail model. Compared to the latter, maintaining the same ability to adapt to the ground, an element of novelty worthy of note seemed to us the level of protection further developed at the level of the fingers, which transmits safety and favors the optimization of the dialogue between the support of the foot and the ground. It is always essential to wear the footwear well and dedicate the initial time to this initial operation, looking for the perfect housing for each finger. At the end you can complete the choke closure, which can be locked with Velcro on the upper.

During long sections of the trail in the woods in wet environments we also appreciated the water repellent treatment that has been modified and improved compared to the previous model. The muddy surfaces do not present significant difficulties, while for use in an aquatic environment it is better to rely on other models intended for this specific use that are more functional.

Overall, the V-Trail 2.0 represents a good evolution of the previous V-Trail model. It gives those sensations of adherence to the ground that stimulate the foot to achieve reactivity and perception even at speed, in the name of a more intense and complete immersion in natural contexts.

Technical data

  • Weight: M43 = 6.4 oz / 182 gr
  • Fast lacing system
  • Midsole: 2 mm EVA + Polyester Sockliner
  • 3D Cocoon Technology
  • Sole: 3.7 mm Megagrip Rubber

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