Fou de Fouly - steep skiing

New line in the Argentière basin

19 December 2016
On Thursday, December 15, Vivian Bruchez, Tristan Knoertzer and Ben Tibbetts went up and down Fou de Fouly, a new line in the Argentière basin.

Steep skiing or mountaineering? Both things! The canal, on the west wall of the Pointe de la Fouly, is defended by a technical and vertical wall. This obstacle rejected a first attempt by Bruchez, not equipped for the difficulties faced by the rock section. Two days later Bruchez returned with Knoertzer, Tibbetts and all the "ammunition" to overcome the initial wall (M5 and 4+) and access the easiest track of the canal. After climbing the channel up to the exit, the three skiers went downhill on the whole skydiving (45 °) and passed the difficult baseline jump to double.

Basin of Argentière, Mont Blanc Massif (Haute-Savoie, F)
Pointe de la Fouly 3611 m, west wall
Fou de Fouly
Vivian Bruchez, Tristan Knoertzer, Ben Tibbetts, December 15, 2016
500 m, 45 °, 2 shots of 30 m M5 and 4+

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