Damiano Lenzi and Matteo Eydallin win the Pierra Menta 2017

No surprise: after dominating all the stages Lenzi and Eydallin win the queen stage

13 March 2017
Damiano Lenzi and Matteo Eydallin dominated the Pierra Menta 2017, the international mountaineering competition held in Arêches-Beaufort (France).

No surprise for the Italian team, but great happiness for having taken home this important race. Damiano and Matteo cross the finish line with Nadir Maguet and Michele Boscacci, third on the podium.

"Third Pierra Menta for me and fourth for steppen I always liked this race ... From the first time I took part with Lorenzo Holzknecht 8 years ago I was 21 ... and we also won a stage ... !
From the first victory, four years passed, to win here you have to bones, you have to learn to know the mountains slowly and learn how to handle your physical 4 days ...
Well after 8 years of Pierra mia and 10 of Eyda, I would say that we learned well and ran a perfect Pierra ... No crisis, no breaks, no falls, no cramps, we did not lose a skin, and we did not make a mistake. ..
Of course out we seem to have won easy! But easy to die in this race I think! Behind there are 18 years of piercing that make the difference between "fly" and "die" !" Writes Damiano.

For women, there is no surprise: Laetitia Roux and Emelie Forsberg win.

The ranking


1. Matteo Eydallin & Damiano Lenzi

2. Kilian Jornet & Alexis Sevennec

3. Nadir Maguet & Michele Boscacci


1. Laetitia Roux & Emelie Forsberg

2. Jennifer Fiechter & Séverine Pont Combe

3. Axelle Mollaret & Lorna Bonnel


HERE the complete rankings

Photo credits © Jocelyn Chavy

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