Click on the Mountain: winners of 2017 edition

The report of the freeride contest most exciting of winter

13 March 2017
The most exciting winter freeride contest ended on Saturday 11th: Lukas Riedl (team 4) won the Best Video and Best Instagram Video, Florian Breitenberger (Team 2) won the Best Photo. The 4 Click on the Mountain teams have captured the atmosphere and the unique spirit of this discipline by immersing themselves in the landscapes of Courmayeur.

In only 72 hours, the 4 teams in the race had to make a video of about 120 seconds, an Instagram 30-second video and a 10-shot photo book. Don't go crazy, be creative was the leitmotif of this edition, which took place in non-optimal weather conditions. Additional difficulties that have stimulated the creativity of photographers, filmmakers and riders who, with the help of the Guides of the Alpine Guides Society of Courmayeur, have been able to capture the perfect jump and immortalize breathtaking views in total respect for safety. In this regard, Fabrizia Derriard, Mayor of Courmayeur said: "In one of the most complex weeks of the season from the point of view of managing the avalanche risk, the 9th edition of Click on the Mountain has shown that prudence, responsibility and expertise are not They are in conflict with emotions and creativity. You just have to do the common sense, always necessary when moving in the mountains".

The jury, made up of ski and snowboard experts and industry professionals, also identified the winners of the following categories, taking into account the individual aspects of snow performance and shooting techniques:

Best Light Effect Shot: Marius Schwager (Team 3)

Best Action Shot: Roberto Bragotto (team 1)

Best Street Shot: Roberto Bragotto (team 1)

Best Lifestyle Photo Shot: Florian Breitenberger (team 2)



Best Photo: Florian Breitenberger has been able to represent the spirit of Click on the Mountain by combining the technique of photography and the freeride world, combining in one shot the two souls of the event.

Best Video: Lukas Riedl wins the prize for being able to create a creative, productive and visually impactful film, enhancing the freeride world as well as our territory.


TEAM in the race

TEAM 1: rider Simon Gruber (ITA); Rider Ethan Morgan (DEU / US); Rider Marco Grigis (ITA); Photographer Roberto Bragotto (ITA); Filmer Marco Morandi (ITA).

A fantastic ensemble: Simon Gruber, one of the most experienced snowboarders in the Italian scene, Ethan Morgan, a well-known German-American snowboarder, thanks to the high level of riding, and Marco Grigis, an internationally renowned snowboarder.

To immortalize them will be Roberto Bragotto, the winner of the 2016 edition, who appeared on the most important industry headlines, the only Italian photographer this year. Behind the camera there will be Marco Morandi, a filmmaker who works with the most important riders in Europe. In his latest movie "Searching For" we can admire, among the different spots, also Courmayeur, with the footage of Click on The Mountain 2016.

TEAM 2: rider Basti Färber (DEU); Rider Neil Williman (NZ); Rider Dorian Konrad (AUS); Photographer Florian Breitenberger (DEU); Filmer Marinus Höflinger (DEU)

The team consists of world-renowned freeskiers from two continents: European Basti Färber (Germany) and Dorian Konrad (Austria), and New Zealand Neil Williman.

The trio will be picked up by a couple of top stars, the winner of the iF3 Photographer of the Year award, Florian Breitenberger (Germany) and the filmmaker of Freeski Marinus Höflinger.

TEAM 3: rider Nicholas Bridgman (ITA); Rider Marc Grosgasteiger (ITA); Rider Lorenzo Carbonatto (ITA); Photographer Marius Schwager (AUS); Filmer Kevin Kok (NET / FIN)

To hold the flag of the Italian snowboard, we will also find the riders Nicholas Bridgman and Marc Grosgasteiger, while for freeski the local champion Lorenzo Carbonatto, who is only 17 years old in the Freeride World Tour.

Their mission will be documented by the filmer and rider Kevin Kok: a Dutch mid-artist, a professional "converted" snowboarder to his new passion, video making. The photographer for this team is Marius Schwager, Austrian, winner of the best picture in 2015.

TEAM 4: rider Tom Klocker (AUS); Rider Mario Wanger (AUS); Rider Adrian Krainer (AUS); Photographer Patrick Steiner (AUS); Filmer Lukas Riedl (AUS)

An entirely Austrian team: starting with the three riders, snowboarders Tom Klocker, Mario Wanger and Adrian Krainer. Klocker is one of the protagonists of the aforementioned "Searching For" movie set in the Alps, and "Boyz 'n Toyz", another powder-like and adrenaline film that tells the adventures of a crew including Mario Wanger.

Two resident nationalists, photographer Patrick Steiner and the filmmaker Lukas Riedl.

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