Prali Freeride Event: the Freeride Italian Championship Report

From March 17 to 19, the best Italian freeriders have beaten the title

21 March 2017
From 17 to 19 March in Prali, in Val Germanasca (TO), the Italian Ski Freeride Championships were held in both skiing and snowboarding.

In the resort of Prali Natural Ski Area were held the Freeride Italian Championships, featuring three days of testing and various activities. The race took place on the famous freeride descent of the area called "Galassia".


Male Skiing

1.Federico Musso

2. Yannick Garotti

3. Marco Fontana

4. Federico Chiappino

Male Snowboard

1. Luca Buttigliero - Italian victory and title

2. Marco Mareriati

3. Andrea Abello

4. Luca Zanette

Female Snowboard

1. Bruno Canonico - Italian victory and title

2.Lisa Caserotti

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