4K Alpine Endurance Trail Valle d'Aosta

First arrivals to the 4K

07 September 2016

First arrivals at 4K Alpine Endurance Trail Valle d'Aosta.

We greet first of all the Francesca Canepa win, authoritative and never questioned after the transition from the basic life of Courmayeur. A triumph of legs and head, leaving behind months of controversy and allegations that have certainly weakened, but not defeated.

Her time was 98 hours, 4 minutes and 22 seconds. He said: "I raced for the Aosta Valley people who supported me in this rematch."

The victory in the men went all'altoatesino Kienzl Peter (1985), who finished the circular route of 350 km along the two High Streets of Aosta in 82 hours 53 minutes and 31 seconds.

Second place for the steel and applauded Bruno Brunod (86 hours 35 minutes and 14 seconds), and third place for the Frenchman Yann Bonanni in 88 hours 36 minutes and 53 seconds.

At the start Sunday, September 11, the Tor des Geants.

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