The 9th of September runs the Dolomiti of Brenta Trail

Christian Modena presents the race

28 August 2017
Christian Modena presents the Dolomiti di Brenta Trail.

In 2016 Christian Modena was second in the first edition of the Brenta Trail Dolomites in 7h43'29 ", preceded by the arrival of the winner Jimmy Pellegrini (7h34'46"). On September 9th, the trentino trailer specialist will also be presenting the 2017 edition of the race promoted by the Molveno Holiday consortium with the technical support of "Trentino Trail Running", right in the list of favorites for the final victory.
Last year there were 600 competitors in the street, numbers that a few days after the closing entries have already been passed, demonstrating the fascination that manages to have this event. The trail runners can choose between two routes, the 45 km with 2850 meters of altitude and the 64 km with 4280 meters of altitude, starting and arriving near the Molveno lake and passing through the Graffer, Tuckett, Brentei, Pedrotti huts And Croz of the Most High, before the passage from the Brenta Mouth and the final descent towards the longing.
"The peculiarity of the route is that it brings competitors to cross the opposite sides of the Brenta Dolomites," explains Modena, athlete of Trentino in Mori, class 1984. "The landscape is very wild to Passo Grosté, the area less" beaten "by visitors. Then, cross the part of the more traditional and well-known Brenta, from Grost to the Pedrotti hut. From Trentino, these mountains have always had a particular charm for me: having a manifestation that crosses them from one side to the other is something unique. If it is for me, I think it is even more for those who come from outside. Fatigue is repaid by sight. "
Instead of going to the technical side? "A 64km journey can not be challenging - says Modena - For the race type, however, the track is relatively fast. The trails are beautiful and sliding and there are no particularly technical passages. The first part, up to Andalo, is fast, but then there is the demanding uphill that leads to Sella Montoz. From there forward there are continuous slope changes, and at that point, the main difficulty lies in handling the rhythm. "
Where does the race decide? "Physical, but above all, mental, in the stretch from the Casinei refuge to the arrival. Once there, much of the altitude has already been covered, but fatigue is felt. You have to be able to handle, do not get unlucky at that time of the race. Even along the final descent, from the Brenta Mouth to Molveno, if you still have some energy you can make a difference. Conversely, you may lose minutes ».
How do you prepare a trail of over 60km? "Those who go on doing so will train each day on different terrains and prepare themselves mainly from a mental point of view. Once at a certain point, everyone feels the fatigue: the difference is made with the degree of endurance, the motivations. It wins more than head and leg, and this is true for the first that is aimed at the result as well as for the final goal that is to reach the finish line. "
How was your passion for the trails born? "It was born in 2011 from a bet with a friend," concludes Modena. "Until then I was cycling and practicing mountaineering. I went to a race (The Doors of Stone, ndr) which was also a selection for the World Cup: I arrived seventh. I tasted the idea of ​​a challenge somewhat out of the charts. If you are right in the way, this sport allows you to achieve good goals and win just as beautiful personal challenges. "
This will be the case on September 9, with hundreds of athletes from all over the world who will face each other a personal challenge on the Brenta Dolomites.

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