Duality: the world of female trail running

Interview with Jerome Bernard

16 April 2018
Duality, The Movie: Ordinary people being extraordinary

Sunday, March 25 in Loano (SV), in Liguria, we ran the Maremontana, beautiful race that from the departure to the beach, takes you up to the summit of the Ligurian Alps and then rebuttal to the sea for the finish line. Race extremely cared in all its aspects, from the constant presence of rescue personnel along the route to welcoming restaurants, as well as a path made safe and visible thanks to a super balisaggio.

During this two days of Liguria, or rather, the night before the start, there was a premièr, a world premiere of the beautiful film Duality, conceived and produced by Vibram, by director Alessandro Beltrame and written by Roberta Orsenigo (journalist and ultrarunner). A film that tells, through racing images, successes, but above all of everyday life, the world of female trail running through four very strong athletes of Team Vibram and "normal" women in everyday life.

We then chatted with Jerome Bernard (Sports Innovation Marketing Global Director of Vibram) enthralling soul of this project, visibly moved during the screening.

Here's what he told us!

1 - Let's start from the beginning, when and how did you get the idea of ​​Duality?

It all started with the idea of ​​shifting attention to women, I would say about 4 or 5 years ago, when I started thinking about making the Trailrunning Team Vibram more "feminine". Duality was almost a natural evolution, which took shape in a real project a year and a half ago, during a conversation with Alessandro Beltrame, the director of the film, with whom I had already made a first film on the trail before time. Alessandro and I have a very similar vision of the outdoors. He wanted to make a film about outdoor women and I had extraordinary athletes, both sporting and human. Duality was the solution, it was destiny!

2 - It may seem a pure marketing action, but knowing (and seeing your emotion during the first screening) we know that there is something else underneath, you want to tell us?

There's a great story behind the Trailrunning Team Vibram, behind these men and women. It is the story of Ordinary people being extraordinary, which has been accompanying our team since 2010. Spending a lot of time with the athletes, we share strong emotions, especially in demanding sports such as trail running. Women live all this in their own way, apparently they seem less competitive, but they have an emotional and mental intensity that is unmatched. They are super determined, incredibly strong, exemplary. By observing this and living it together with them, we wanted to put it on stage, in the foreground, to tell their stories, their lives and make people reflect. The most important starting point for reflection must be that of "if you want to do it, you can do it", a philosophy that can be applied to everyday life and challenges, even sporting ones, like an ultra trail! It's true during the first screening, I was excited. Because I felt that, finally, we could give to that public, so numerous, a great story of life and sport.

3 - This work has brought you to know better "your" athletes, who has surprised you the most and why?

In these twelve months to shoot Duality, I learned to know them even better. Beautiful souls, all full of an impressive character. They transmit energy to you and this is perceived in the film. With Duality, all of them have come into play, also becoming actresses, telling each other in a very personal way. I was surprised by the way in which they all joined and participated in the project. Sign of a beautiful mutual trust.

4 - The première at the Maremontana was a success, did you expect it?

Without wanting to sound presumptuous, I expected it a bit. When you know you have a great story in your hands, you know the preparation of an event like Maremontana, then it's easier. Then the choice of Maremontana was also a bit of a sign of destiny: a year ago right there, we had started shooting the first scenes, making an appointment, joking, at the 2018 edition for the first film review. The organizers of Maremontana, together with local and regional institutions, have done their utmost to promote this world premiere of Duality.

5 - And now? Is there anything else in the pipeline? Can you tell us something?

Right now, our focus is on Duality, for a while we will be busy promoting it and making it run as long as possible. In the dockyard? Ideas are not lacking. What matters is to keep making people dream. It's still early to say when the next Vibram movie will come out, but something is already underway ...

Thanks Jerome and thanks to these four fantastic actresses, but no that I say, four fantastic athletes ... no no, wait, thanks to these four fantastic women!

Mirko Mottin

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