Tor des Géants and 4K: what future?

Open discussion on the two endurance races trail

24 September 2016
Final party for the 4K and final party for the Tor des Geants.
At the end of the celebrations for the finishers, all the participants, the sponsors and the organizers, now is the time to give an answer to the question that all have asked themselves: what will happen in 2017? There will be one or two races?
The Councillor for Sports of the Valle d'Aosta Region has just released a statement which we welcome: "You have to find a synthesis, find a way to make a unique event, which will lead to positive results while avoiding controversy, overlaps, gaps and conflicts.
There are positive elements in both a manifestation both in the other, but some critical points emerged in particular from an organizational perspective, the volunteers, the structures that have to coordinate to two subjects that do not have an overall view with respect to this event. "
We look forward to observe the evolution.
The valleys and mountains of the Valle d'Aosta deserve to be valued in a shared location, a unitary organization, in a sign of cohesion which could represent and communicate better in the eyes of the world the multiple meanings that the endurance trail took in this zone: between sport and tourism.
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