Oliviero Bosatelli winner at Tor 2016

At Tor des Geants 2016 a great performance of the Bergamo fireman

14 September 2016
Stupendous victory for Oliviero Bosatelli in the Tor des Geants 2016.

The Fireman of Gandino (Bergamo) concluded the ultratrail of the Aosta Valley at 13.10 of Wednesday, September 14.

His conduct of the race was authoritative, his steady pace, the transition to the basics always lived without stress, with greetings and courtesies towards the present, almost lightly.
The race of Bosatelli represented an extraordinary spot for mountain running, showing pleasure and a great effort management capabilities, an invitation for everyone to take their shoes and live on the trails.

In the next hours, and until Sunday 18 September, are expected arrivals of the other competitors (585 ones still in the race), all protagonists of a dream to be realized on the most famous route in the world of endurance trail races, under the four Quattromila of Aosta Valley.

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