Bear 100, 36 Hours of Indian Summer

The endurance run results

02 October 2017
Bear 100 results, difficult American endurance run.

The Bear is an ultra-marathon whose 100 mile route runs from the Wasatch-Cache National Forest of Utah to the Bear River Range of Idaho and ends at Bear Lake.

It should be in a maximum of 36 hours, for this and for the time of the year in which he plays (the beginning of autumn) his motto is "36 Hours of Indian Summer", what we would call the summer of San Martino.

it's one of the ultra that anyone who wants to take home the "Rocky Mountain Slam" has to run.

This year, the Bear set off on September 29th and reached 222 runners.

Men Results

1 Jeff Browning 18:28:48

2 Lars Kjerengtroen 19:28:11

3 Luke Jay 19:36:24

4 Timothy Olson 19:38:49

Women Results

1 Hannah Green 24:22:17

2 Amie Blackham 25:50:01

3 Kelsy Bingham 25:54:12

4 Rebecca Rick 25:55:11

At this link you can find the complete results.


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