Collontrek, the race between trails and glacier

Running on Saturday 9th September

31 August 2017
Collontrek: Fifteen Nations at the Fifth Street. On September 9, the fascinating pair race from Bionaz to Arolla.

Thousands of competitors, departure in Italy and arrival in Switzerland after crossing a hill to over three thousand meters. Running for 22 miles between poderals, trails and glacier, with sneakers and ramps in the backpack. Less than ten days and the backhand Collontrek, the biennial race race in the mountains that is really unique to his formula.

It runs on Saturday 9th September on a track that tracks the ancient trails used once by cross-border peoples. "The Smugglers Trail" is the slogan chosen to launch this event that was born in 2009. Italy and Switzerland, Valpelline and the canton of Valais who embrace to welcome competitors from half Europe and beyond. Switzerland, Italy, France, Belgium, Spain, Holland, Canada, San Marino, Austria, Belarus, Finland, Great Britain, Portugal, Sweden and United States are the nations represented at the fifth edition of Collontrek.

The 980 members will be 490 couples because the Italian-Swiss race does not run individually but together with a travel companion. Men, women and mixed couples, there are three categories accepted at Collontrek. The Swedes in the race are 763, while the Italians are 173 and arrive from Aosta, Biella, Savona, Turin, Genoa, Varese, Alessandria, Latina, Milan, Novara and Vercelli.

The start of the high mountain race is planned at Bionaz, at the foot of the impressive Place-Moulin dam (1,989 meters), a blue water basin that will frame the first kilometers of race. The border is located at Col Collon (over 3,000 meters and taller), a stretch that will be traversed in the snow and with the ramps worn and will project the competitors in the long descent to the finish line of Arolla, set at 2,006 meters. After 4 km you will also pass from the Prarayer refuge (2,405 meters), after 9 km passage to the Nacamuli (2,828 meters). A path that will offer 1,250 meters of positive difference and slightly less negative.

Waiting for the real adventure, Friday afternoon will be the center of Valpelline to be animated. The commune, which is only a few kilometers from the starting point, will host the Collontrek district. From 14.30 to 19.15 on Friday, September 8, the athletic athletic area will be set up, petticoat distribution, race packet picking and last-minute information. At 18.15 the technical briefing followed the dinner.

The Collontrek traditionally plans two separate departures. At 8.30 on Saturday 9th September, the competitors of the group 'A' (Hikers) will start at 9.30 am to the athletes. The arrival of the winners is expected at Arolla at 11.45; At 15.30 there will be the award ceremony.

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