Cup of the Dolomiti: winners

This weekend, the winners of the Cup and Photographic Contest were awarded

08 May 2017
Antonioli and De Silvestro winners of the Cup of the Dolomites. The photo competition goes to Thomas Forin.

In the 4th century edition, the Dolomiti Skiing Mountaineering Cup enriches its gold medal with two ninety-degree gauges, which this season have won all that could be won, from the World Cup to World Championships in Italian titles. Robert Antonioli and Alba De Silvestro were the dominators of the 25th Cup of the Dolomites, whose prizes were held at the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio Trento, inside the event program of  Trento Film Festival. Event that also saw the designation of the winners of the 6th Photo Contest "Enter the history of the Cup of the Dolomites...", which this year had the theme of "infinite snow, immense pleasure".
Great participation, but most of all, at the final prize, during which the President of the Dolomiti Cup Alberto Stedile, together with the journalist Ugo Merlo, to the director of daily newspaper Adige Pierangelo Giovanetti (jury of photo contest) and Corrado Poli, the artistic director of the jury, had the honor to deliver the check and the numerous awards.
I'm thrilled by both Robert Antonioli: "Entering my name in the golden list of such a prestigious circuit, albeit with territorial value, is still a pride of reason. In these months I have family problems but I did everything to be there"; Both Alba De Silvestro: "For me it was a superb season with so many remarkable results, which I only expected in part. Many international satisfactions, to which I also proudly add to that in the Cup of the Dolomites".
The red NEF pettor assigned to the winners of the circuit was then won by Antonioli and De Silvestro, but among the awards there were also other first-class athletes. In the men's field, Manfred Reichegger scored 265 points (against 360 of the dominant), followed by Daniele Cappelletti with 181, Filippo Beccari with 142 and Christoph Niederwieser with 134. Alba De Silvestro had a total of 360 points , Followed by Bianca Balzarini with 280, by Maria Dimitra Theocharis with 245, by Monica Sartogo with 136 and by Claudia Pontirolli with 113.
A special prize in typical products was then awarded to "stakanovisti", ie those who took part in at least 5 of the 6 races scheduled, namely the Ski Alp Race Ahrntal, the Lagorai Cima d'Asta Ski Mountaineering, the Marmotta Trophy, 'Adamello Ski Raid, the Pizolada Dolomites and the Alpine Ski Alpine Dolomites of Brenta. In the male field, the prize went to Daniele Cappelletti, Ivan Antiga, Gabriele Fedrizzi, Horst Kofler and Christian Vivari, among the ladies Bianca Balzarini, Maria Dimitra Theocharis, Monica Sartogo and Claudia Pontirolli. Tommaso Forn wins the photography competition.

Immediately after the awards ceremony of ski mountaineering, the names of the winners of the photo competition "Enter the history of the Cup of the Dolomites...", which this year had the theme of "infinite snow, immense pleasure".
The jury composed of Pierangelo Giovanetti (journalist in Adige), Corrado Poli (professional photographer and photographer and web designer), Camilla Lunelli (communications manager Ferrari F.lli Lunelli) and Bijan Theranian (creative solutions) Edition 2017 the master photographer Tommaso Forin with the shot "Atmosfere invernali", realized at night near the lake of Antermoia in the massif of the Catinaccio. Then award three photos "reported" by Roberto Dallavalle titled "Up to the last ray" by Thomas Martini with "Games in the Snow" and Alessandro Galvagni with "Saturday Night Fever". In addition, Trentine Rural Casse Awards were awarded to Alessandro Galvagni's "The King of Dolomites", Thomas Martini's "Adam's Powder", Cosma Verra's "Firme", Diego Marini's "Sighs Waterfall", "Follow The live "by Marco Valler," Sturm und Drang "by Koris Sommavilla and" The sun illuminates the way "by Thomas Martini.
Also present is the artist Fabio Vettori, with its timeless Ants, who has made custom designs to the present.

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