Crazy Ski Alp Tour: back to the origin!

A circuit of 5 Alp Ski Skiers with a great goal: bring the ski-alpinism back to its place

23 January 2017
In February, the Crazy Ski Alp Tour starts again, the 5th race circuit for true mountain spirit lovers!

The project, born 3 years ago, with a definite purpose: bring the mountaineering back to its place. Why this need?

Facciomo a few steps back together with Luca Salini, CO coordinator of Crazy Idea.

"Modern ski mountaineering was born or reborn in the late 1980s after a period of oblivion where only a few competitions had remained active in the European landscape. The races were mainly RALLY formula, with transfers and timed trials of uphill and downhill. A downhill test especially put the athletes tough, because it was a giant slalom ... BACKCOUNTRY. Holes so big that you came in and did not know if you'd ever come out.

After this stage, on the wave of enthusiasm created by PIERRA MENTA and also thanks to organizational ease, there was the proliferation of races on the line that, unlike the rallies, had the advantage of the immeasurability of the ranking and the Man-to-man challenge. The races, all, following the good SAFETY rule in the mountains, were always in pairs. With the passing of time, a split between the pair races took place, which took place in a more hostile and high mountain environment, and individual races. From here on, DEGRADO, or at least ... the partial degradation. Pursuing the "Olympic dream" has gone on to organize competitions for LADIES.
Ladies' competitions are the VERTICAL, the STAFFETS, the SPRINTs, in short all those competitions organized with the spirit of "be careful we do badly".

Well ... We certainly do not want to look for us, but the mountain, the real one, does not work that way.

In the mountains, you get the day that curse in the morning you got up. In the mountains some days the wind blows at 90 per hour and there are -25 and the closest hut is an hour. In the mountains if you can not go skiing you come to the helicopter.

If you call ALPINISM skiing a reason will be there!

It was born as a sport that is practiced in the mountains, and that must remain. It was not a sport for everyone, it was born from the true passion for the mountain of some people who started inventing the races. And who in the mountains could not go, stayed in the public watching. The vertical, the sprints, are certainly spectacular racing, but the result is, in the end, TO ADDOMESTIC a wonderful sport that was practiced in breathtaking scenery, ridges and canals. Is not the same thing. Why am I saying this to you?
Because we organized the CRAZY SKIALP TOUR just to bring back the spirit of the pioneers: true MOUNTAIN, double trails uphill, open field, downhill canals, all that is done for true MONTAGNARD. We have presented this crazy project to some of the most active Italian companies in the outdoor world who have reacted by leaning on and becoming valuable partners ... you see that fools around us there are others.

That is why they joined us in Crazy, including the friends of La Sportiva, Camp, Enervit and the most important Italian car dealer group, Autotorino, which has its seat in our beautiful Valtellina.

Our certainly not some "dangerous" or "extreme" races, we simply selected the most spectacular routes that could really make the mountain live.

Are you ready for the challenge?
We do! We are waiting for you."


The Stages

February 5 / Pizzo Tre Signori - Premana (LC)

February 12 / Extreme Badalis - Valdobbiadene (VC)

February 26 / Skialp Val Rendena - Pinzolo (TN)

March 5 / Timogno Ski Race - Gromo (BG)

March 26 / Pizzo Scalino - Lanzada (SO)

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