Dolomiti Winter Trail 2017: report of the race in Alpa Cimbra

Results and reports of the event that took place from 3 to 5 February in Millegrobbe, on Alpe Cimbra

07 March 2017
Last weekend at Millegrobbe (Alpe Cimbra), the Dolomiti Winter Trail and the Dolomiti Winter Fest, the snow-trail running race and the winter outdoor world event took place at the same time.

DOLOMITES WINTER TRAIL - A crazy run on the snow!

An exciting and tough race, Sunday's 5th saw some of the biggest champions of Trail and Sky Running, who, thanks to the snowy snowfall on Saturday, took a completely snow-covered path.

The names of the 20K race winners, whose track has been slightly altered and stretched for snow conditions, make themselves understood by the level of competition.

Tadei Pivk with time of 01.57.48 won first place, followed by Marco De Gasperi and Dennis Brunod, for a men's podium, all signed by Nortec Sport. A short distance away are Luca Miori, Noene, Giacomo Forconi, Total Training team and Scott Italia and Christian Modena, always in the race for the Nortec Winter Running Cup.

The women's standings saw the impressive Elisa Desco, the 14th absolute in front of many men's runners, with a nearly two-second detachment on the second and third respectively Federica Schio and Magali Sevoie Descombes.

Yokoyama Kaoli, Paola Broilo and Anna Ida Perrone for the feminine category, Giorgio Uzzel Dell'Osta, Roberto Poletto and Daniele Meneghel were among the men to climb the first three stages of the Short Trail.

Fun and very satisfied, as well as competitive and well-liked, also runners of races and categories over.

The competition, with a cloudy sky and some snowflake, ended with the arrival of the sun that made the atmosphere at Malga Millegrobbe even more magical and unforgettable.



Is it possible to live the winter mountain in a different dimension and with a more intimate contact with nature?

Dolomites Winter Fest, the winter version of the already well-known Adventure Outdoor Fest, with this second edition, has confirmed it, continuing the path that began in 2012, which anticipated and inspired the spread of open-air manifestations that are developing in the last Years throughout the country.

The ultra trailer Michele Evangelisti, the extreme sports veteran Andrea Pelo of Giorgio, the mountain biker walker and manager of the Mountain Blog Andrea Bianchi, yogaXrunners founder Tite Togni, the pioneer of rogaining in Italy Massimo Bianchi, the creator of the Nortec circuit Winter Cup Maurizio Ragonese, teachers Giacomo Gerlin and Antonella Tibolla of the Belluno Center, Ale D'Emilia slackliner and videomaker, Thomas Carlassare of the Lavarone Bike Park, Tiziano and Roberta Ruffa Sleddog Instructors and the internationally renowned photographer Paolo Codeluppi Helped create the atmosphere and energy that breathed in these three days of sport and adventure.

Among the special appointments we would like to mention the Dolomiti Winter Night, an orchestrated evening by journalist Dario Colombo, which allowed us to listen to stories, passions and dreams of those who live the adventure as a personal journey, even inside, and to review some exciting shorts selected by Adventure Outdoor Fest.

A lot of enthusiasm from the participants for the Snow Running Night Out, barefoot on the snow, the various Yoga events at the Malga Millegrobbe, trails with sled dogs, Fat Bike routes in the surrounding woods, Two day outdoor photography workshop and the Slackline and Tentsile suspended curtains, among the snowy trees.

This unforgettable weekend was possible thanks to the hospitality and enthusiasm of the Alpe Cimbra and Malga Millegrobbe community, the support of Trentino Marketing, the support of partner and media partners and the help of the precious volunteers present.

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