Freeride World Tour: Vallnord-Arcalis results, Andorra

Powder and sun for the competition that was originally to take place in Chamonix

15 February 2017
The Vallnord-Arcalis, Andorra was held on the Freeride World Tour. The first scheduled race in Chamonix was moved due to the overwhelming wind in the French Alps.

50 of the best freeride skiers and snowboarders attended the Freeride World Tour, initially scheduled for Chamonix on the French Alps, but then moved to Vallnord-Arcalis on the Pyrenees due to the poor security of weather conditions. There was too much wind in France and snow status denied the safety conditions necessary for running the competition.

However, the conditions were challenging for participants and organizers, but at the end all efforts were rewarded for the great success of the event.

The sun finally heated the race, and the freeriders showed all their skills coming down from the Baser Negre, at 2700 meters in Andorra.

The results

Snowboard Women

1 Marion Haerty

2 Shannan Yates

3 Manuela Mandl

Snowboard Men

1 Christoffer Granbom

2 Sammy Luebke Current

3 Davey Baird

Ski Women

1 Lorraine Huber Current

2 Kylie Sivell Current

3 Jaclyn Paaso Current

Ski Men

1 Leo Slemett

2 Loic Collomb-Patton

3 Yann Rausis

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