La Grave: freeride and alpinism paradise has an uncertain future

The fate of La Grave, the village of the French Southern Alps and Valhalla of the freeride, could change forever

04 January 2017
For years La Grave was the paradise on earth for lovers of freeride, mountaineers, cyclists and for those who simply decided to live. It's really one of those places that if you live for a single day stays in the heart: a small village in the French Alps full of people in love with the tallest mountain that overlooks it.

A point where nature and man live in balance. But this balance is at risk.

The cable car license agreement is about to expire and the change of license ownership could be a critical moment for La Grave's future: if it was taken by a multinational, the wild charm of this place could vanish forever.

Signal de La Grave, with its project, wants to show how it is possible to achieve harmony between the surrounding nature and man. It wants to safeguard this extraordinary place, with its advantages and disadvantages. To make this happen, in fact, has created a crowfunding campaign.

The goal of this campaign, whatever it is, is to focus on the strengths of this place and to make the community feel lively and strong.

The Grave belongs to this community, united by the love for the Meije and the 360 ​​° mountain.

Here you can find all information about Signal de La Grave.

Let's keep it wild!

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