Pizolada of the Dolomites: report of the race

Guido Giacomelli and Bianca Balzarini settle in the 41st Pizolada of the Dolomites

10 April 2017
41° Pizolada Dolomiti: Guido Giacomelli and Bianca Balzarini are forced to take on many championships at the San Pellegrino Pass.

A splendid sunny day and spring temperatures set the stage for the 41° Pizolada Dolomiti, a historic ski-mountaneering race and the penultimate stage of the  Coppa delle Dolomiti, which is on display today at Passo San Pellegrino. A massive representation of national athletes, which gave rise to a fought and spectacular race, gave rise to positive results on the path and the safety measures put in place by the organizing committee, Val di Fassa Events ASD.

Among the men, the undisputed victory of Guido Giacomelli (Ski Club Alta Valtellina), which has given the title after the success at Pizolada 2016. Giacomelli immediately left the group together with the blue Manfred Reichegger (CS Army), also managed to distance the ' An opponent of about 20 '' at the first change of skins and then be re-reached on the second climb before the steep northern canal of Forcella Vallazza. At the end of the fork, however, Giacomelli was again firmly in the head and from there he no longer left the race command to the finish line. Second place then for Reichegger and third place for Alex Oberbacher (Peves Gherdeina).

Among the great battle women between Dimitra Theocharis (Aldo Moro Paluzza) and Bianca Balzarini (Adamello Ski Team). Making the difference and deciding on the win was the last change of skins where Theocharis lost a few seconds too much because of an attack problem. First, Balzarini, Second Theocharis, Third Cecilia De Filippo (SC Dolomiti Ski Alp).

The 41st Podiolos of the Dolomites have also defined the final rankings of the 2nd LADINIA SKI ALP 2017, a special combination that combines the Pizolada with Marmolèda Full Gas (played on Saturday, April 1 on the snow of Marmolada) and sees this year triumphing Guido Giacomelli And Cecilia de Filippo. Full enclosed grades.

The organization's thanks goes to the precious groups of local associations that have contributed to making everything perfect: the volunteers of the Val di Fassa Events, the Alpine School Moena State Police, the Cai Sat Moena, the Municipality of Moena, the Alpine Emergency, The Bela Ladinia, the ANA of Moena, the Red Cross of Val di Fassa, the Alpine Guides, which made possible the guided hiking and planting of the San Pellegrino Ski Area.

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