Ponte di Legno SKYNIGHT

A new race in high Camonica Valley

21 July 2016

Friday, July 22 will be on stage in high Camonica Valley, in Ponte di Legno, the first edition of the race, starting and finishing from the central Piazza XXVII Settembre, going up the trail of the Horn of Aola.

Route Mountain Running, inclines by Vertical, altitudes from Sky, charm and adventure Trail. Pontedilegno SkyNight already promises to be a unique event of its kind.

The competition gives the famous tourist resort a further reason for promoting leghato aglòi mountain sports, in addition to cycling climbs of the Tour of Italy, downhill skiing, cross country skiing, mountain biking.

It will start at 21:00 from the central Piazza XXVII Settembre, named after the date when in 1917 the Austrian bombs rained down on Bridge, razing it to the ground but not bending it. The rumors, the steps and the enthusiasm of the runners will follow one after the streets of the center, first running along the river and then along a short stretch of the brand new and beautiful bike path to reach near the entrance to the trail of the Horn of Aola, from here for 2 km vertical is true with all of 640 meters of D + concentrated in the ascent of the track that will be spectacularly illuminated by the head lamps of competitors to draw a snake intended to Petit Pierre refuge in the Horn of Aola, roof and GPM of the race with its 2000 meters above sea level. It will not remain down, and will continue through the thrust stringy wooded road for about 7 km embroiders this side of even the town of Valbione skirting mountains. The arrival of new in Piazza XXVII Settembre, ready to welcome the participants in a unique atmosphere, in the pure spirit of the great Trail ending in the squares of the most prestigious Alpine tourist resorts, status that certainly Ponte di Legno has.

The big event will go to the streets with buffet, music and prizes. All logistical services, office race to the changing rooms equipped with every comfort, will instead rely on the structures of the modern sports stadium, place a few hundred meters from the square.

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