Rythm, a video about Joe Grant

Joe Grant seeking the Rythm in the heart of Alps

08 November 2017
Joe Grant seeking the Rythm.

We may call BD Athlete Joe Grant a “runner guy,” but honestly, those words fail to give a true notion of what he actually does. Sure, he runs … a lot. But if you ask him about his podium finishes at races like the formidable Hardrock 100, he’d probably change the subject and talk about some rowdy, unsanctioned, hard-core vision-quest he’s dreamed up, like biking to and climbing up every 14er in Colorado in a month (yeah, he actually did that), or taking a Greyhound bus down to Mexico and journeying into the remote Copper Canyons to run with the elusive Tarahumara (he did that too).

Truth is, Joe Grant heads into the mountains for a lot more than running. And what he finds out there, high among the craggy peaks, is what he likes to call rhythm. With filmmaker and climber Cheyne Lempe, we set out to capture Joe in his element, doing his thing and searching for that rhythm, deep in the heart of the Alps. Enjoy.


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