Avalanche brings with it the life of a ski mountaineer

The man lost his life after being overwhelmed by an avalanche in Valle Stura (CN)

14 February 2017
On February 11, Demonte, in Valle Stura (CN), lost his life as a ski mountaineer after being overwhelmed by an avalanche.

Towards 14.00 on Feb. 11 he lost his life A. T. 41 years of Cervasca (CN).

It was downhill when at a 2000-meter-high snowfall he broke off involving him and his other four comrades.

The rescue call was made by a sixth member of the group who was not involved in the avalanche and who phoned Alpine and Speleological Rescue in Piedmont. The helicopter on board the Hoist Technician and the Cynophilus Unit from avalanche of CNSAS Piemonte immediately took off shortly after the avalanche site and noting that four ski mountaineers had only been partially involved with the avalanche and had already identified, The use of arthur, and disassembled the deceased victim probably due to the trauma caused by dragging inside the snowy mass. The rescue proceeded with the recovery of the body and a slightly injured companion. The others have come back downhill independently.

Source Alpine and Speleological Relief Piedmont

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