Ski Alp Race Dolomiti of Brenta: report

Davide Magnini and Alba de Silvestro win the 43rd Ski Alp Race

18 April 2017
The 43rd edition of the historic Ski Alp Race Dolomites of Brenta took place in Madonna di Campiglio, which saw the victory of Davide Magnini and Alba de Silvestro.

It has become a world championship jumper and Crystal Cups the 43rd International Ski Alp Race Dolomites of Brenta, with a surprise surprise. Trionfare in the race also valid as the last act of the Cup of the Dolomites was in fact the prodigal boy Davide Magnini, nineteen-year-old junior of Vermiglio, who took the luxury of putting his senior army companions in line with a cardiac arrhythm in Downhill, leading to Corna Rossa. Magnini dressed in Peter Fill's clothes and a few yards away from the finish line, crouching in an egg-like position, managed to overcome Michele Boscacci's escapist and to enter his name for the first time in the gold record of one of the competitions Symbol of the world ski alp.
To say the real Boscacci in the middle of the second climb that led to Castelletto Vallesinella Superiore had managed to detach Magnini, but in the descent fell, allowing the return of the young opponent, competing in pairs for the rest of the track and playing inevitably everything to All in the final descent.
Davide Magnini completed the 16 kilometers of the course, with a 1,600-meter difference, including three climbs and three laps, after 1 hour, 25 minutes and 57 seconds of race with the same time as Boscacci, while on the third stage of the podium The bumblebee Robert Antonioli climbed, who accused a delay of 2'23 ", preceded in turn by 16 seconds Guido Giacomelli, more detached Federico Nicolini.

In the feminine prediction game, with the blue of the Alba De Silvestro army dominating absolute and triumphant on the finish near the Graffer shelter with time of 1h55'24, precedent Corinna Ghirardi of the Adamello Ski of 40 seconds, then bronze of the day For Maria Dimitra Theocharis.

The 43rd Ski Alp Race Brenta Dolomites was also the last act of the 25th Cup of the Dolomites, which saw the assignment of the NEF red petticoat to Robert Antonioli and Alba De Silvestro, boys who put another important prize in this basket Great season.

ph. Elvis Piazzi and Alice Russolo

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