Everything is ready for the Vertical of the Becca of Viou

Becca Viou: maybe the official arrival at 2,856 meters of the summit

13 June 2017
Becca Viou: maybe the official arrival at 2,856 meters of the summit. Saturday the Vertical with Borzani, Maguet, Brunod e Thivierg.

On Sunday, June 18, the Défi Vertical will start again, a circuit combined with the Valle d'Aosta Tour Trail and reserved for climbing trials. Six stages will determine the ranking of the best climbers, which will be rewarded at the end of Mont Mary's Vertical, scheduled for October 15.

Even a few days back, the charming Vertical of Becca di Viou, an uphill climb that will give you a view of the whole city of Aosta and the 'four thousand' of the Valle d'Aosta. A first part of the race on the trail, then from the 'La Nouva' alpine, the beginning of the last tear in the middle of the stones and a deafening silence.

It is the Vertical of Becca of Viou of 9 kilometers and 1,900 meters of positive difference which will leave from the square of Valpelline and will reach the 2,856 meters of the summit. And the path has now been officially formalized, unchanged with respect to the program. Despite some small snow patches, 99% will climb to the top of Becca. To allow for the passage of the race, a lot of work was needed by the organizers, who were obliged to climb up to clean the trails.

Those who do not want to climb to the summit, but want to try the vertiginousness of Valpelline, can choose the 5 km K1000 that will run on the same track as the K1900 arriving at the 'La Nouva' mountain.

On the starting grid, great names of the national panorama of the trail and of the ski mountaineering are expected. There will also be the Padovana of Team Technique Lisa Borzani, as well as the Nadal Maguet ski driver, strong and competitive even with the sneakers. There is also the circuit winner and the recent Licony Dennis Brunod and Frenchman Tristan Thivierge, who could play the absolute podium.

Subscriptions to the two Vertical races are still open on the Wedosport website at a cost of 25 €. In addition, you can also sign up on Sunday morning, before departure at 9am from Valpelline.

At the end of the Vertical, the space for good cuisine with the Enogastronomic Triangle that unites communities and dishes typical of Abruzzo, Emilia Romagna and Valle d'Aosta. In three courses - served at the table for athletes - you can enjoy fried dumplings with Jambon de Bosses, a soup Vapelenentse and sheep roast.

There will also be Pellissier Helicopter throughout the day, available for touristic flights open to both those who want to see the Vertical from above and who want to fly over Valpelline. Information directly at the base of the helicopter, near the prologue hall and at the start.

Also update circuit charts after the Licony Trail. At the command there is Marina Plavan in front of Luana Bellagamba and Emanuela Scilla Tonetti, while the male first place for Erik Pinet on Mattia Colella and Dennis Brunod.

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