Ultra-Trail Gobi Race, 400km race in the desert

Few days at the start

27 September 2017
There are a few days left to the Ultra Trail Gobi Race, the rough trail of 400 km in the desert of the Gobi.

It's not just a simple Ultra Trail (which, by the way, has nothing to do with it), but an exhausting, real 400km trip to the desert of the Gobi, China, south of the Mongolia border.

Those who take part in this race - which is more like an adventura than a race- must walk 400 km on foot in a single stop, in a maximum of 150 hours, in complete self-sufficiency and orientation, having to adapt to the incredible Thermal deserts of the desert: during the day the temperatures reach about 30 degrees while at night they could reach -13, with strong winds.

You start from the city of Dun Huang and you arrive in Guazhou. There are 36 checkpoints on the route where you can tap unlimited water, located at a distance of 10-15 km between them, where, however, you can not stop for more than an hour. Also at a distance ranging from 35 to 40 km you will find the Rest Station (10 in all) where to eat, rest, and make any medical checks for as long as you want. In addition to water to RS, you can draw food and technical material from a pre-prepared personal bag.

It is not a race for everyone, but surely it is a totalizing experience that some will want to experience once in a lifetime.


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