Cervino Matterhorn Valtournenche

Winners Franco Collè 53 km e Nadir Maguet 25km

12 July 2016

The master and the young "apprentice" dominate the X-Trail Matterhorn. Franco Coll, king of Tor 2014, has
imposed yesterday in the 55km race, so how did Nadir Maguet, terrific cross country skiing, a short distance on run,
by 25km. In short, it is the 15 years of difference between the two but the class, when it comes to running
(or skiing) in the mountains, the same. Aosta Valley on the shields, then, thanks to the wonderful victory of Sonia
Glarey in the women's 25km, in an event which, for the  long race and the vertikal, was valid as
Italian league, as well, qualifying race (for 55km only) for the UTMB 2017.
In the ranking of 55km, behind Franco Coll, (Team Montura) first to the finish line with the time
6h20'43 ", were placed Giulio Piana (Mud and Snow, 6h32'53") and Michael Valsesian Dola (Team
Rewoolution-Scott, 6h34'15 "), winner of the last Trail Oasi Zegna month. At the women, victory
Katia Holes (Technical Team) in 8h11'56 ", ahead of Annalisa Faravalli (8h22'46") and Chiara Bertino
(Balances Running, 8h41'17 ").
In the Aosta Valley Nadir Maguet (Cs Army / La Sportiva) ended his race in 2h15'2 ", in front of
Paul Bert (Sixth Sense Team La Sportiva, 2h16'14 ") and Andrew Davis (Team New Balance, 2h20'55"). a
female, victory for the Aosta Valley Sonia Glarey (A.p.d. Pont-Saint-Martin), to the finish line in 2h59'24 ",
which preceded Stephanie Duc (3h2'40 ") and Severine Bovero (Team Terre de Running, 3h6'12").
The vertical kilometer (4km route of positive altitude 1km) is imposed ? Hannes Perkmann in
34:39, in front of Fabio Rizzi (37'40 ") and Nicol ? Francescatto (38'54"). Female victory for Francesca
Rossi in 42'05 ", reached the finish line before Barbara Cravello (45'23") and Chantal Vallet (46'30 ").
Vertikal special
Of note is the firm of Moreno Fish and Francis Desandr,, beautiful finisher in vertikal special.
Both in the race without a leg, lost in the past for a? Amputation, but with the? Help of a prosthesis,
They departed from Cervinia starting line with a half hour earlier than the group
able-bodied. Both the start and along the race track were constantly encouraged by the public
and they arrived at the Refuge Oriond, (Duke of Abruzzi) in 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Credit: www.aostasera.it

results 55km

results 25km

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