Ryuichi Murai e Thomas Blaabjerg a Magic Wood - Up-Climbing

Ryuichi Murai e Thomas Blaabjerg a Magic Wood

Good news from Magic Wood, Switzerland.

Only eleven days, including many rainy ones, have been required to the japanese Ryuichi Murai to send twelve boulders of 8a+ or more, including In search of time lost and Practice of the wild, both 8C.
With these two, Murai joined a number of nine 8C sent and a total number of 37 of boulders of 8B or more climbed in his career.

Moreover, a very nice ascent also by Thomas Blaabjerg who sent his first 8B+ with The Never Ending Story. A story of motivation and passion: four years ago Thomas had a very bad accident with multiple fractures to heels and wrist and very bad perspectives for the future. However, he never gave up and with a lot of rehabilitation, hard work and perseverance he came back to climbing even if he still needs crutches for the approach. After years of fight, this result is surely what he fully deserves!

Fonte: 8a.nu