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2nd 8a+ for Tito Traversa (9)


Tito Traversa , the young talent (2001) from Ivrea keeps bringing a breath of fresh air in the Italian climbing world. On 2010, Sept 29th he sent his first 8a +, Il dominio di sè (Self-control) in Champorcher  Val d’Aosta.
Tito confirmed yesterday to master this difficulty solving the gravitational puzzle of Sarre 2000, 8a+ in Sarre’s mega-roof, also in Val d’Aosta. It is a great  pitch that ends in a chain on the middle of the overhanging roof,  where starts Ground Zero 9a.  Sarre 2000 shows chipped holds not suitable to a very short climber as Tito, 9 years old, is.
After trying it a few times, on Sunday Tito did an attempt to send it , but unfortunately  fell twice on the latest moves. Yesterday, on a very nice weather, Tito went to Sarre with his father trying to exploit the short time available between the exit from school and the arrival of cold and wet weather. He sent it on first go, climbing safe and secure and deserved the congratulations of those present.

Source: Up-climbing 
Photo: Tito e Gianni Traversa