Sorcière Blanche Direct - Up-Climbing

Sorcière Blanche Direct

Ice conditions have been prime in Europe this year and  French climbers Sebastian Ratel et Nicolas Beauquis took a the great opportunity in the Cirque du Fer à Cheval.
Le Cirque is a fantastic and famed  site, located in Haute Savoie, NW of Chamonix: many of  the icefalls here, are a sustained test-piece-
In 12 hours, Seb Ratel and Nicolas Beauquis have done  the first ascent of Sorcière Blanche direct, climbing the second (and last) iced pillar, that this year joined the base.
La Sorcière Blanche has been first ascended on  2006 by the Alpine Guides  François Damilano, Philippe Batoux and Benoit Robert and has difficulties of  7a /WI6+/M8 on 340 meters lenght.
Source and photo: GMHM  

See more details on  Alpine Ice The 600 best icefalls of the Alps. Edizioni Versante Sud Milano.
Cascades de glace du Mont Blanc au Lèman Tome II F.Damilano, P.Batoux and L.Seifert JM Editions 2007.