Angela Eiter, interview - Up-Climbing

Angela Eiter, interview

You have spent many years at the top in competitions, what the secret to have the motivation so high for a long time?
I think that motivation is the only thing that can take you forward in climbing and in all other things. Climbing is a passion and something that carry inside forever. Then there’s the people who follow you and encourages you. In a way, you continue their dreams and this is a sort of driving force. In climbing competitions are required mental and physical abilities and who supports you can help you a lot.

You have a lot of fans and an incredible charge of affection. You are in the hearts of many people and this s good but can be also a source of stress? To have always to prove something to someone…
I don’t know…I started a lot of years ago whit International Competitions and then came the comps here in Arco where I fell an incredible affection from the public. It’s a very strong feeling, which puts pressure but in a good way. It’s not a real pressure but a stimulus, something that comes from inside and that pushes you achieve your goals.
In competitions, female level is increasing a lot in these last years. For men was always high but for women is incredible what you do now. During these years, did you feel this enhancement?
Oh yes, is incredibly high for men but also here is possible so find an enchancement. For women this is more evident cause above power that is increased, we have also other specific characteristics like flexibility, elasticity that are determinant to compete to this level.

It seems that trend is now to comp both Lead and Boulder Circuit. Do you train also for boulder competitions?
Yes but not for comp only for training my power and technique. It’s very functional but traumatic a lot!

Apropos, how’s your shoulder?
Well, it’s ok now but at least I have an inflammation in right arm…

You have important sponsor. Can you live thanks climbing I presume?
Yes, I teach climbing courses above all for guys but thanks to my sponsor I can live to what I love.

You live in one of the most important vertical vocation city, Innsbruck, and…

Yes, sorry…Imst! However that Austria is a country that focuses a lot on climbing whit school, courses, important gym…this is so evident only in your country or do you think that climbing is growing everywhere?
Climbing is first a philosophy and different countries have different approaches. I’m very fortunate to live in this reality where we attach great importance to climbing and this makes everything easier…but in general climbing is a growing sport.

And now that you stopped whit competitions, what will you do?
I want to dedicate myself to sport routes in mountain.  I want to try some multi-pitches, difficult but always bolted by spit. I don’t want to do things like David … David Lama … do you know David Lama, yes?

Here, he is very particular, a visionary. I want to dedicate myself to sport routes and visit new places. And continue to teach.