Yuji Hirayama in Italy - Up-Climbing

Yuji Hirayama in Italy

Yuji Hirayama was in Italy for a talk organised by the Gruppo Gamma in Lecco, where he showed images of his ascent of Cobra Crack F8c+, in Canada, the world’s hardest crack.
He also had fun attempting other traditional climbs in the north west: Yuji sent The Doors F8b in Cadarese, missing the on-sight send because of the wet rock at the top of the route. Before Yuji sent on-sight Beslan Memorial (8a). In the Orco Valley he sent Greenspit, F8b, at the second attempt, in a record 3 minutes.
His trip ended with Profondo Rosso F8a in Balma, Ossola, which he climbed in a traditional style.