The 8B/C of Highlander for Teto! - Up-Climbing

The 8B/C of Highlander for Teto!

Third Italian repetition of the line climbed by Martin Keller on the most representative boulder in the Swiss area


The Traumland boulder is undoubtedly the symbol of Sustenpass: a large boulder on which, in addition to the homonymous line of 8A by Klem Loskot, there are also a series of other grade 8 boulders such as Reve de Faire (by Fred Nicole), Pitbull and several others. Many of these are connected in a sort of long right-to-left traverse that was climbed in 2016 by Martin Keller after 13 years of attemps, one of the many epics that distinguish his approach to extreme bouldering. Martin called this line Highlander and proposed the 8C.

In the following years, Highlander was repeated by the Austrian Christof Rauch, by Gabriele Moroni and then by Lorenzo Puri, for the only known “public” repetitions.

Yesterday, it was the turn of Stefano Carnati, who for some time had been looking for good conditions in this high-altitude area in the Swiss mountains. A line that for a climber like him, who can boast routes of 9a+ and boulders of 8C, represents a synthesis between explosive strength and endurance and therefore was almost a foregone conclusion in his stay at Sustenpass. For now, Teto has not reported any posts about this achievement on his social channels, but he has reported it among his climbs on We therefore await further news and maybe the video of the realization!