Shepton Spire for Favresse & c - Up-Climbing

Shepton Spire for Favresse & c

After sailing to the south because of bad weather, the team CAB-RCT (Club Alpin Belge Rock climbing team) composed by Nicolas Favresse, Sean Villanueva, Olivier Favresse, Ben Ditto and Bob Shepton flew in fjords near Cap Farvell and  took the opportunity to climb in 36 hours – boat to boat – a spire of 450 meters baptized Shepton Spire.
Here their report:
"We spotted a nice looking spire from the boat and early the next morning we set off in a complete foggy white out. With only 10 m visibility and not knowing if we were walking in the right direction the only thing we could do was keep walking… after 5 hours the fog lifted and we were standing in front of an incredible granite spire.
Not the spire we intended to climb but an even better looking one. So we picked lines and we picked teams and we set off on what ended out to be a very long day of climbing. Including a shiver bivy on the summit where we were treated to some northern lights and a beautiful ridge traverse early in the morning. 450m wall and a long ridge traverse, 36 hours boat to boat”
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