Speed record on Eiger North Wall - Up-Climbing

Speed record on Eiger North Wall

On 9 February, the team of Roger Schäli and Simon Gietl set a new speed record on Eiger North Wall , climbing in 4 hours and 25 minutes the Heckmair route  (Anderl Heckmair, Heinrich Harrer, Fritz Kasparek and Ludwig Vörg 1800 m + V, 50-55 °).

The previous record (5h 03 min) was established last fall by Ueli Steck and Bruno Schläppi. Ueli Steck owns the absolute solo ascent record, with 2 hours 47 minutes 33 seconds (13. 2. 2008).

Roger Schäli had climbed the same wall on January 4, but the day of the record, once at the Brittle Crack  realized to be incomparably faster and to scale "like in a trance and in a wonderful state of lightness" and to not have never been so fast climbing Eiger.

From the base of the wall at 9 o’clock, the two reached the summit at 13h and 25’. "Simon and I have a common training program that seems to work very well" – Roger Schäli concludes, which is already preparing the next expedition to Turkey.

Roger Schäli and Simon Gietl are members of SALEWA alpineXtrem Team  
Source: Bergsteigen.at 
Gietl and Schaeli on Poincenot 
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