Cerro Torre & Fitz Roy in 4 days - Up-Climbing

Cerro Torre & Fitz Roy in 4 days

Patagonia of the last austral summers no longer seems the same, the hostile climate with furious winds and storms that created the persistent legend is likely changing!
Maybe no more long waiting  in the humid “cuevas” at the base of the walls the most popular on the planet, where the feeling is well expressed in the words of the great Karl Reinhardt: "… it’s like being in a refrigerator and throw away every day 100 marks in the toilet."
Of course it is not just a matter  of stable weather to be able to emulate Adam Holzknecht and Hubert Moroder, leaders of the legendary group of climbers Catores from Dolomites! The two Mountain Guides have hit it the right period of good weather and a with surprising speed bagged  the two most representative peaks of the massif.
In just four days have climbed – every ascent in a single day – The Supercanaleta on the west side of Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre by via Maestri on the eastern edge.
The team needed 13 hours for Fitz Roy and 6 hours for the 35 rappels, 15 hours to climb Cerro Torre and 5 hours to rappell down to the glacier.
Source and photos  website Catores